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Is content marketing dead for law firms?

Let’s cut to the chase-not everyone understands what content marketing really means, and how it works. Some believe it is about posting written content on social media platforms, and voila! The job is done there. There’s a lot of misinformation about content marketing present widely, but one truth which we should know, and focus on is that content marketing is an essential marketing tool in 2023.

The practice of content marketing is not just meant for flashy businesses that sell sophisticated products, but it can be for any entity which aims to cultivate awareness about their industry and services. If we particularly speak about the legal industry, there lies an abundance of information. If our law firm is about engaging with providing legal counsel to retired lawyers, paralegals and other law professionals, then the benefits of content marketing are innumerable.

As a legal professional, we have numerous areas which we can use for a law-based content marketing campaign. Our content could be based on educating people about their rights, a new law or amendment, a guide on how to being legal processes and much more. Publishing such content on our site is not only a way to drive leads but also a measure to provide insightful and crucial information to people in their time of need.

One question that has been lingering on every content marketer’s mind is, since the inception of digital marketing, who even requires content marketing? But the answer is pretty simple, everyone, across all kinds of businesses need to take leverage of content marketing to reach their audience.

Let us just put this up front, legal matters are confusing. Ordinary public, who do not have much knowledge about this sector will probably not spend their entire time in researching about personal injury claims process or other legal processes in their regions. The only time they require such kind of information is when they or someone close to them encounters a situation which requires assistance from a lawyer. When such instances occur, it is important that these individuals are able to find the information they require. Hence, content marketing is not just a measure to reach new clients, but also educate the general population about important legal processes.

Let us now break down a few advantages of content marketing in the legal sphere.

1.Building brand awareness

For most companies, the prime concern while laying their marketing strategy is to understand how they can create awareness about their brand. If we consider the legal fraternity, to make our potential client choose our firm instead of our competitors’, it is important to make ourselves heard, to make our clients know that we exist. Building brand awareness is all about extending our reach and publishing content which is tailored to specific channels in order to create the best impression on the public.

2.Generating more leads

If our brand awareness increases, it directly implies that we are attracting more traffic, hence, at the same time, we are generating more leads. The more people will view our content, the more likely we are to find clients interested in taking our services.

3.Positioning ourselves as market expert

The legal sphere has an abundance of lawyer, each having specialization of their own, some of them who have their expertise in various niches too. In such cases, it is important to establish ourself as a legal expert and let our clients know that we as lawyers understand the essence of what we are about to deal with. Our expertise in our niche shows our potential to the clients.

With this, we will now proceed to trends in the content marketing which legal firms can adopt in order to up their content marketing game.

  1. Using an active voice- presenting our written posts in active voice makes our content clear, direct and as a result, more engaging. Using an active voice puts the subject at the beginning, making it clear for the audience what that theme of our content is. In comparison to using a passive style of writing, this method keeps the speech simple, precise and easy to understand.

  2. Thinking of the audience- we have to put our audience first, whenever writing any blog or article. We should consider about scenarios from the audience’s point of view. For instance, ordinary public is not much educated about the laws, their sections or sub-sections, hence while writing our article, we should break down our matter in a way which is easier for the audience to understand.

  3. The PAS formula- follow the concept of Problem-Agitation-Solution. We should firstly understand the audience’s problem, notice their pain points and the challenges they are experiencing. After listening to their problems, we should convey to them how difficult it must be to endure it, and finally round off our message with an appropriate solution to the problem.

  4. Ensuring that the posts and pages they link to are aligned- if our blog post or article is linking to an external page, it is critical to note that both the messaging should line up. If our audience clicks on a link, and it takes them to a page which does not relate to our original written content, chances are that the user will leave our post then and there, hence wasting their time as well as ours.

  5. Be concise- while writing our content, we need to avoid using complex language and use short sentences. We should keep in mind that our audience does not have much time to spend religiously on just one post, they generally skim on social media, hence punchy posts tend to work better than long paragraphs.

  6. Avoiding sales-driven messages- when writing organic social content, we should aim to avoid any pushy or aggressive messaging. Let our content speak for us, we can encourage people to take action without veering into the sales territory.

  7. Today, media has become a really popular means of networking. Social media platforms have emerged as the best way for firms to advertise themselves, but even then, the written word has its own power, and that is why, it is important to have the text portion of our social media posts presented in a right way.




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