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Trends emerging under personal injury cases, KPIs to focus on to drive growth of our personal injury

The modern way is in no way easy to sustain in, to say the least. We as individuals perform our best to get by and take on each day as it arrives. But no matter how aware and careful we are in the tasks we perform, there always lies a possibility of something going wrong. Cases including auto accidents, defamation of character, product defects or medical malpractice, for all such activities a personal injury lawyer’s services are required.

In simple terms, personal injury lawyers refer to those specialised lawyers that provide services to people injured in an accident. These lawyers identify the negligent party in the aftermath of an accident and get compensation for the injured party. Over the past few years, there has been a steep rise in the number of personal injury cases, with more and more individuals seeking compensation for injuries suffered due to the negligence of others. Due to this, the landscape involving this aspect of law is evolving. Below we have curated a list of the trends that are emerging in this sector and how it will affect those seeking compensation for their injuries.

1. The increase in use of technology

Technology has evolved, and there lies no sector which has not been touched by it, especially in the recent years. The personal injury law sector is no different. Technology is growing under this sector, from virtual consultations to presenting digital evidence. Virtual consultations prove to be cost and time efficient for both clients as well as attorneys by making it easier to get the legal advice needed without having to schedule an in-person meeting. Even social media and video surveillance are used as evidences. This may include footages of the accident or injury or social media posts.

2. The increase in focus on mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic increased people’s focus on mental health. Even regarding this aspect, there has been an increased focus on the mental health of the injured party but also of those who are related to them. personal injury lawyers and other attorneys have now been placing greater emphasis on mental health when seeking compensation for their clients. For instance, if a family member is injured in a motor accident, their spouse or children may suffer emotional distress. Under such cases, personal injury lawyers must also focus on providing compensation for therapy or counselling services and damages for emotional distress.

3. Increase in medical costs

The cost of medical care is rising. This factor has made it difficult for parties to access necessary medical treatment and increase the compensation required to cover medical expense. Personal injury lawyers are aware of this trend. Hence, we can witness these lawyers to make attempts in ensuring that their clients receive the compensation they need to cover their medical expenses. This could imply working with other medical professionals with the goal to assess the accurate cost of the treatment and then develop a plan for covering these expenses.

4. Increase in use of ADR

ADR or Alternate Dispute Resolution includes methods of mediation and arbitration, and has become an emerging trend in personal injury cases. ADR methods are less expensive, less time consuming and provide a speedy verdict to the individuals, in comparison to the traditional court proceedings. As a result, many clients have been opting this method rather than going for traditional litigation. But not every case can be handled via ADR, and such can only be distinguished by a qualified personal injury lawyer. These can help in finding which cases are better off to be solved with traditional litigation methods, ensuring that clients can receive the proper compensation that they deserve.

Now that we have discussed the trends emerging in this industry, as an attorney or a law firm specialising in personal injury cases, we need to focus on our KPIs, in order to track our performance, hence increasing the chances of brining in more revenue and managing the law firm with more efficiency.

KPIs are key performance indicators which can help us to measure our law firm’s performance in our specific area. These help in reflecting the goals we have created for our firm’s growth and in improving our management in order to establish strong client relationships.

  • Client satisfaction comes foremost when focusing on building our law firm. We need to understand how we want our clients to perceive our law firm. building trust and nurturing our relationship can help in making strong contact with the clients. A happy client is one who can trust their provider easily, which in turn can also help the firm in getting invaluable referrals from these clients.

  • We need to focus on our firm’s conversion rate. A firm’s success is measured by their client intake. The same can be done by measuring how many of our leads actually convert and use our firm’s services. A low conversion rate might suggest that either our marketing methods aren’t up to par or our intake methods aren’t resonating with the leads.

  • Apart from the new cases which the firm receives every month, we also need to identify those cases which are not active or that have somewhat hit a wall. This can help in determining what resources are required to get the caser back up and running and also in determining which cases can be deprioritized for time being.

  • Even though client always remains at the firm’s core, it does not mean that we can ignore our employees. The work environment we create at our law firms will determine our performance. If our employees are unhappy, this will lead to unhappy clients, low retention rates, and high employee turnover. Hence, focusing on employee satisfaction is important to ensure optimal growth and increased efficiency.





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