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The best marketing tools for law firms

Marketing automation refers to the use of software and other technologies to automate repetitive tasks and improve the effectiveness of online marketing, including email, social media, websites.A well-designed automation workflow saves time, reduces errors, increases audience engagement, and boosts the ROI of a law practice’s marketing efforts. Below we have curated a list of the top marketing automations tools that make sense for law firms.

Top Marketing Automation Tools for Law Firms

Oracle Eloqua

A top-tier tool, Eloqua offers superior service and fees that match. Eloqua integrates with many enterprise systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and other third-party applications. With Eloqua, law firm marketers can create targeted campaigns through multiple channels, such as email, social, mobile, web, and search. They can also track and analyze the results of their campaigns with built-in analytical tools. If our firm has an enterprise-level marketing department and a matching budget, this tool could be a good fit.


Concep, an easy-to-use email marketing platform with automation capabilities has been designed specifically for law firms. One of its biggest selling points is its powerful native integrations with LexisNexis InterAction and Microsoft Dynamics 365, the sector’s two most commonly used CRMs.

With their integrations, forms, and analytics, it allows to automate the law firm’s most common workflows/ processes, such as the events management process – from invites and RSVPs, to list creation and data management, making it easy to connect with potential clients.

Constant Contact

Easy to use and affordable, this platform is a well-known email marketing software. They don’t offer comprehensive campaign solutions, but most small law firms are able to meet their email needs with the tool.


Marketo is a robust platform that works best for large law firms that will take advantage of every feature the tool offers. Unlike HubSpot, Marketo’s interface is dated and hard to navigate if one doesn’t know what they’re doing. Despite that, it is a powerful marketing automation tool for lawyers. The advanced functionality is reflected in the price tag, so it makes sense to explore this option only if you have a sophisticated marketing strategy to execute.


A social media automation tool, Hootsuite is one of the more robust options for managing all aspects of social for legal professionals. It’s designed to help marketers schedule content and keep a pulse on what’s happening online with their brand. Generally speaking, Hootsuite has everything that a firm would need to create an impactful social presence.


Owned by Salesforce, this tool allows law firms to easily target communications over several channels and makes client intake easy. Pardot is designed for B2B companies, vs. the B2C functionality that Exact Target offers. is a marketing platform for sending targeted and automated emails, push notifications, and SMS messages to engage and retain your audience. The interface for building campaigns, workflow, and the trigger definition and usage are pretty simple. If one can put in some developer time, this email automation platform offers a customized experience for building marketing campaigns.


HubSpot is an all-in-one, easy-to-use marketing automation platform for lawyers and law firms of every size. It integrates customer relationship management, social media scheduling, automated email marketing and more. Users get lead flows, forms, drip emails, analytics, and more — all designed to make it easy for user to efficiently grow their law firm’s database with their CRM software. HubSpot also offers the added benefit of the Sales and Service Hubs, which means our team can better work together—even across departments.

If our online marketing has become complex and/or time-consuming, automation could be the solution our law firm is looking for. When used correctly, it’s a great way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing. Whether we’re creating posts for social media, sending out an email marketing campaign, wanting to use a CRM tool to organize our prospects, or converting leads from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, marketing automation platforms make it all possible with just a few clicks.




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