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Marketing guide for legal professionals

Legal marketing is essential for any private practice lawyer to survive. If any lawyer is of the belief that they do not possess what it takes to do marketing, they may be better off working for large corporations. But for those having apt skills, they need to go for it. All we need is to invest in a law practice management software, create a sound marketing plan, and most importantly implement it. Regardless of the firm’s size, private practice firms often feel pressured to increase revenues while facing corporate counsel’s desire to reduce the number of law firms, change billing models and keep legal work in-house whenever possible.

Law firms need to develop effective strategies to attract new clients and retain existing ones. These marketing strategies includes creating an attractive and functional website, using social media to connect with potential clients, and committing to a content strategy.

Most law firms are still of the belief that digital marketing is meant for “other” businesses. Hence, before even getting started with any marketing strategy it is crucial for them to eliminate this mindset. In just October 2022, Google alone was visited 89.3 billion times.

In our article below, we have discussed tips on how to improve their marketing efforts and increase visibility.

1. Creating an effective website

A well-designed website is the first thing potential clients will see when they visit our site. Our website is also a good place to collect contact information to follow up later with the potential clients. But creating a website is not the final step and does not guarantee success. As a digital marketer, we need to ask ourselves a few questions. Is our website easy to navigate? Are we providing contact information (email or telephone) for each attorney? Is our website optimized for SEO? Do we provide educational content which helps visitors find answers to their problems?

If our answers to any of these questions is “no”, we need to work on our marketing strategy. In case we are unsure where to start, we can also visit our competitor’s website for inspiration. Later, we can contact various website developers and work on our goals, mistakes and more.

2. Building relationships with clients

The best way to build relationships with clients is by being responsive. The same stands true specially for small businesses which require help in navigating the legal system. Satisfied clients will praise our work among their friends and professional colleagues alike, implying more potential clients for us. Poor experience leads to frustration and the likelihood for negative reviews.

We should also showcase our client testimonials on other marketing materials. Press releases, proposals, firm website, newsletters and more, are perfect for highlighting client satisfaction and validating the firm’s commitment to providing superior service.

3. Developing social media strategy

Any firm which does not use social media as a part of their marketing strategy, is surely not completely educated about what social media strategies mean. It is easy to set up account on social media and start posting, but there is more to the process. A good social media strategy involves creating a plan for each platform we use.

4. Being proactive about email marketing

Email marketing is still significant, most attorneys fail to realize its value. By 2027, the email marketing industry is predicted to grow to $17.9 billion, where it currently stands at $9.62 billion. Email marketing is a powerful way to generate leads and convert them into clients. Attorneys can use the following guidelines as part of their email marketing strategy.

  • Have a clear goal

  • Be consistent

  • Keep ourselves educated on email best marketing practices

  • Focusing on quality vs. quantity

  • Segmenting lists based on demographics and interest

5. Promoting ourselves online

As an attorney, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to promote ourselves online. We need to have a professional and easy-to-navigate website. We can also connect with other professionals in our field via social media. Keeping ourselves in connection with the potential clients is important, as a result we can resort to posting or commenting on relevant topics, on which interest us, or we have knowledge about. This will also help in establishing ourselves as a thought leader. We can also write blog posts and article on topics which interest us.

As an attorney, it is essential to realize that skimping on marketing activities is not going to give us the best results. Competition has become fierce in the legal industry. We need to standout and grow our practice. Therefore, committing to building our brand and our reputation is a necessity, in order to retain and grow our client base.




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