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Marketing a law firm, are we doing it right?

Humanizing a law firm can do a lot for our bottom line. It implies ensuring that clients and other potential prospects view our firm as relatable, approachable and more secure. As We need to understand that prospects consider a lawyer to guide and help them through stressful times. The worst thing, we as lawyers could do is appear as an emotionless business entity. Showing our human side will increase potential clients’ confidence. Here’s what legal marketers should know about humanizing their efforts when marketing our law firm.

1. Use Natural Language

Many firms make the mistake of using language specific to the legal industry or corporate jargon in an effort to show their expertise. But in many cases, this strategy can backfire. We should speak in the way that people actually talk when marketing our law firm. Try to use that language when writing for potential clients in items like blog posts or case studies. This does not imply that we should be overly informal, but it is completely alright to create content for our law firm marketing strategy that reflects the way people speak naturally.

2. Evoke Emotions Through Storytelling

The truth is that our firm’s “About me” content is more important than we might realize when it comes to marketing of a law firm. People seek out this section of our firm’s website to understand what we stand for, and where we’re heading as a company. Even if our website is highly focused on information, we should make sure to be personable in some sections. When marketing a law firm, make sure to highlight:

• Where and how the company began

• The company staffs

• Values and mission statement

• What the future holds

• Practice areas

3. Be Transparent and Admit to Mistakes

Potential clients are savvier. It doesn’t take them long to figure out if a company they work with has made a mistake. If we ever make an error – from incorrect information in an email to a poorly received social media post – we need to make sure to let the audience know that we realize our mistake, while also telling them our plans to make amends. Allowing our contacts to see that side of our firm will help to gain trust and build relationships with our target audience.

4. Feature Real Clients

Many marketing channels provide the opportunity to mention real people. This is particularly important where clients are concerned. Seeing how current clients interact with our firm provides critical social proof for people choosing an attorney. Along with highlighting real positive reviews in multiple areas, make sure to interact with the contacts on social media. Repost and feature clients on the firm’s social media, tag them, ask them to post content and photos that pertain to one’s firm, etc.

5. Highlight Staff

Featuring clients is important for social proof, but featuring our staff is critical in other ways when marketing our law firm. Showcase the firm’s team on the website, social media, and any other digital marketing channels we use to advertise our legal services. People gravitate to businesses that care about their employees. Make a point to show that we care about our company staff as individuals, as well as their contributions to our firm.

6. Utilize Email

Throughout our email strategy, we should use tactics that make our firm appear more personable. Send emails from individuals, and include relevant content pertinent to recipients. We can make additional efforts to interact with our audience by running various contests or sending surveys to get valuable feedback.

Lawyers who simply state that they have expertise are at a significant disadvantage to those who show that they can apply that expertise and actually understand their clients. People who are deciding on an attorney want to feel as though they can truly trust their legal advisor. Humanizing efforts when marketing a law firm is a great way to build real relationships and cultivate trust that can ultimately impact our bottom line.




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