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Law firms embracing Kim Document to extend the reach of Kim in the legal sector

Various small, mid, and large law firms have become one of the fastest growing sectors of Kim, the no-code, SaaS, patent-protected document generation, assembly, and workflow automation platform. Kim is known for providing patent-protected document generation, assembly, and workflow automation to corporate legal, compliance, contract management, company secretarial and other functions in Fortune of 500 organizations. Since late 2022 following the launch of the Kim Document, which is a productized version of Kim’s document generation capability that has been embraced by law firms as a new product.

Kim Document helps knowledge workers to automate the creation of documents, and capture data and other documents to populate other systems. In a way, Kim can also be used without the need to download any software with enterprise-level security. It can also be accessed through the existing work environment, where the Law firms can also use Kim to convert current documents into web applications without needing a lengthy implementation.


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